At Sysmex, we know that our most value asset is our talent. We embrace diversity and empower individual competences, connecting your talent with our vision lightning the way with diagnostics. Because together, we can really shape the future of healthcare. 

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Sysmex is an in vitro diagnostic leading company that enhances diagnostic value with innovative testing, to bring greater trust and confidence to healthcare. We’re passionate about knowledge and constantly searching for talent. It could be you?

Join us and share your talent in an attractive project, where you will have a personalized career plan, tailored growth and a continuous learning.

Whether you start your career or if you are already a professional and want to grow, In Sysmex you will opt for new opportunities and face new challenges

Take part of the advancement of healthcare, bet on a greater future, gain in and share your knowledge, leadership and experience, develop your talent and connect with a great team. 

Because together, we grow.

What drives us

The human factor

Lead the way

Take care of our customers

Our team is just exceptional dynamic, passionate and highly qualified. That’s the highest rated aspect from our employees and customers. 

It’s in our DNA, we love providing innovative solutions, clinical value and services to our customers that surpassed their expectations.

We establish a great trust and collaborative bond with our customers. They became part of our family and we do whatever it takes for them.

Why Sysmex?

Great atmosphere

We know how to work while having fun. Time goes faster if you are surrounded by good company.

Knowledge transfer

We’re in constant evolution and that’s why we want you to keep growing. Be part of the best in class, learn and exchange your knowledge with the Sysmex Academy. 

To the moon

Join us and help us shaping the advancement of healthcare with one of the most innovative companies in the IVD market. Develop your talent participating in some of our local and international projects.

Sysmex Way

Join us and live our DNA generating innovation and trust. If you are innovative, flexible and passionate about teamwork, this is your project.

Flexibility and diversity

We love being a flexible company with a cross-cultural atmosphere that allows everyone to learn, grow, shine and achieve the best results respecting the idiosyncrasy and differences of all team members.

We're healthy

Health insurance, gym pass, fresh seasonal fruit available in the office so you feel 100% inside and outside work.

We are social responsible

We give back to the society. Take part of our CSR activities and join the Sysmex volunteers.

Know some of our team members

“What first caught my eye when I started working at Sysmex was the human side of the company which I keep feeling every day, as well as the great teamwork environment. Taking care of your employees has a great impact on the dedication and work quality and you can really experience this at Sysmex.”

Inés Prieto

Diagnostics Business Unit

“The learning process at Sysmex is continuous. I’m proud of being part of a company committed to the development of healhtcare and the environment, allowing our work to have a positive impact in society.”

Lara Lapieza

Supply Chain Management

“I always wanted to work in a place where my actions and decisions had an impact on the quality of life of our society. Sysmex is a company where, in addition to what I said, I feel I have had a great personal development with exceptional colleagues and environment.”

Mónica Carmona

Customer Support Center

“At Sysmex, we offer solutions to healthcare professionals that allow them to make decisions that directly impact the treatment of their patients. All the departments work aligned to make these solutions useful and deliver the best possible service.”

Daniel Matamala

Life Science – Oncology Business Unit

“The real standout at Sysmex is the pleasant work atmosphere. I consider myself very fortunate to work with such talented individuals who care about their jobs and are generous in sharing knowledge to make Sysmex a great company with strong core values.’’

Ahmed Babiker

Technical Service Management

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